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PRSA Tampa Bay Member Spotlight: Jennifer Vickery

April 3, 2014

Every two weeks, we put a spotlight on a PRSA Tampa Bay member to learn more about their public relations background, advice on best practices and why they love working in the field.

Jennifer Vickery, President and CEO of National Strategies Public Relations, is up next in our #PRSATB Spotlight. Jennifer believes that one can never stop learning in PR and she enjoys the variety, quick-paced nature of the field.

Jennifer Vickery

Jennifer Vickery

Name: Jennifer Vickery

Title: President / CEO

Company: National Strategies Public Relations

Connect with Jennifer on Twitter: @JennVickeryNSPR; Facebook & LinkedIn.

1)    Tell us a little bit about your career, educational/professional background and how you got to where you are today.

I love working in PR and currently am CEO of an agency handling a variety of industries. I have experience with both agency and in-house work, and have a strong niche for media relations. I studied Mass Communications specializing in PR at the University of South Florida and am currently pursuing my Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Florida. In PR one can never stop learning.

2)    What do you wish someone had told you when you first started your career in PR?

I wish I knew that things would be ever-changing. When I started, there really wasn’t social media. Facebook existed but only for college students. It’s interesting to me to see the ways that we communicate now and the many different mediums. Additionally, I think it’s important that we know about communicating with many demographics. This is a crucial point to know as well.

3)    What do you suggest students do to stand out among applicants in the competitive job market?

Be assertive, mature, and proactive. Go on that interview in your most professional mind-frame. Millenials now tend to share personal information, and treat things more personally (which is both a positive and negative thing). I would recommend treating your internship or first job professionally as a main priority and absorb information like a sponge. Work hard – that’s all there is to it.

4)    What do you love most about working as a PR professional?

Helping people. I find it to be very rewarding to help organizations communicate the amazing things they are doing. It also inspires me each day to help develop those ideas and ways to help others. I also enjoy the variety, quick-pace and action-packed day. Last, media relations is definitely my passion.

5)    Do you think it takes a certain kind of personality to thrive in PR?What traits are most important?

Absolutely. The perfect person to be in PR is someone who is detail-driven, loves to write, possesses creativeness and is flexible.

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