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What you missed at the Masterminds Program

April 2, 2014

Just in case you couldn’t make Wednesday’s Masterminds program, here’s what you missed!


Participants were asked to provide a list of their five biggest issues to the table in front of a few of their PR colleages.

The group was divided into tables of three or four individuals where they would have a minute or two to discuss each of their challenges.

Adrienne Drew

Adrienne Drew

“This was my first time attending the Masterminds program and I really enjoyed the small group atmosphere,” said Adrienne Drew, marketing communications specialist for Grow Financial Federal Credit Union. “It was great to network with other professionals and meet some new faces. The Masterminds program really stands out from other programs because it focuses on a smaller setting versus a large group which allowed each person the time to get the answers on the tough questions they have. I found the program very beneficial.”

Topics ranged from the differences between PR and marketing, managing accounts, how to get a different job title, how to pitch the media, crisis communication management, ethics and much more.

For more chapter events, click here.

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