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Agency Leaders Networking Event A Rousing Success

August 2, 2013

By Mary Haban, APR

Candid. Powerful. Enlightening. These are some of the words that come to mind as I reflect on the recent gathering of PRSA Tampa Bay’s Agency Leaders at the Agency Leaders Networking Breakfast Tuesday morning. A substantial group of business leaders, entrepreneurs and a few chapter members considering a big and scary leap into the unchartered waters of owning their own agency, met over coffee. What transpired was transformational. Business has changed. Our tactics to secure new business must ebb and flow with the times. It’s not easy. Meeting upon meeting with potential client, and sometimes the only answer you’ll get is – “we’ll let you know.”

PRSA Tampa Bay's Agency Leaders "talk shop" at a recent networking breakfast.

PRSA Tampa Bay’s Agency Leaders “talk shop” at a recent networking breakfast.

When will that be? I’ll bet that’s what most everyone at the table was secretly thinking.

Then something truly magical happened. We all shared our personal stories of being in the trenches, and in doing so, gave our fellow PRSA members something most clients never will – our unwavering support. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. And in opening up and exposing the good, bad and sometimes not so flattering side of being in business for yourself, we came together in celebration of a feeling that no paycheck can ever give. As one of my esteemed colleagues so eloquently put it, “it’s not a sprint…it’s a marathon.” The best part of this journey is, you are truly never alone. Someone has gone before you and walked that rocky path and they’ve laid a smoother road for you so you won’t falter.

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