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The First of Its Kind – Be a Mastermind!

March 29, 2013

Have you ever had a question about your job that you couldn’t ask someone at work or your friends and family? Then this is the experience for you!

On March 27, PRSA Tampa Bay chapter members participated in the one-hour, first-of-its-kind Mastermind program – providing the opportunity to gain peer-to-peer advice on addressing our biggest challenges in the workplace or in our own careers.

The program started off with timed introductions. With President Noelle Anderson eyeing the clock and five people to the table, we were able to propose five questions in three-minute increments. One of the most rewarding take-aways from the event was the different perspectives – on some of the same problems being addressed.

The vibe seemed similar throughout the room as others experienced and inexperienced, shared their thoughts on strategically combatting difficulties.

As a guinea pig for this event, I would recommend it to anyone who wants honest, direct, strategic and sound advice without going through the usual mediums and gaining a richer perspective.

Blog post by Jenny Lane, PRSA Tampa Bay newsletter editor

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